Discussion Kingdom

Discussion Kingdom was a website that I personally designed and published. This website focused on news, rumors, and information regarding Disney Parks & Resorts. It featured a news article section using WordPress which was integrated with the forum software vBulletin. All design elements were implemented using CSS through Adobe Dreamweaver.

Discussion Kingdom (also referenced as DisKingdom) grew into a popular destination for theme park fans. It featured daily and weekly themed articles such as “Walk in the Parks," "Where in the Parks?” and “The D Report”. Each one of these articles focused on a different aspect of Disney Parks & Resorts.

The website featured over 50,000 posts by over 1,000 registered members. In addition, the website also saw over 10,000 daily page views by developing partnerships with other theme park blogs and website. Below are photos of the final website layout.

WordPress, vBulletin, Adobe Dreamweaver